Local artisan food

TasteLocal is a Farm to fork concept, connecting foodies to local food

For foodies, for restaurants and for producers of great food

TasteLocal is digitally mimicking a colorful and diverse Parisian market place.

TasteLocal allows you to browse through hundreds of suppliers of special foods, and to talk and trade in person with the people who made them, building a community embracing three main groups of food lovers:

For foodies TasteLocal is a much needed democratisation and empowerment of the alternative food community, where a holistic culture of unity and collaboration is challenging the big players on the conventional food market. TasteLocal is the new and easy way to get exactly the kind of fair trade coffee, wild salmon or vegan product you want, or explore new specialties to serve for your friends and loved ones, sent from the experienced hands of the proud producer, quickly and directly to your kitchen.

For producers of food TasteLocal is a global marketplace where you within a few minutes of setup can showcase and trade your food, setting your own price and curating your own offers, targeting foodies that appreciate the efforts of your hard work. Happy customers returning good ratings will boost your reach further and widening your market.

For restaurants TasteLocal is a game changer, where chefs and restaurateurs can sell meals, meal boxes and ready-made meals to order. Limited only by imagination. It is also a far more diverse ecosystem of ingredients to help create his unique footprint on the plates of his guests, ultimately serving a more personal, refined and imaginative dish.